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Servo turntable scheme

Introduction of servo turntable scheme

In the traditional operation mode of hydraulic rotary table, the deceleration section of the rotary table should be manually adjusted so that the rotary table can reach the designated station smoothly. And different pressure flow, deceleration section position is often different, so the whole adjustment process is quite time-consuming and laborious. Aiming at this technical difficulty, Techmation puts forward that the system can achieve high precision, high adaptability, fast, stable, easy to operate and other performance advantages through full closed-loop control of speed, position and pressure. According to the requirements of performance, the scheme of speed reducer matching motor and the scheme of direct drive motor can be provided. At the same time according to the machine power demand, can provide electric servo turntable scheme and hydraulic servo turntable scheme by the customer independent choice.

application area:

Vertical machine, injection and blowing machine and other equipment


Analysis of advantages of conventional schemes

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