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Injection molding machine electric safety door system

Injection molding machine electric safety door system features

The safety door of injection molding machine increases as the tonnage of injection molding machine, the upsizing of the frame makes the safety door become larger in volume and heavier in weight, and the operator of the machine is vulnerable to injury in the process of injection molding. In view of this, Techmation introduced the electric safety door system to solve this problem, which has become a mainframe must be equipped with devices.

Characteristics of electric safety door system of injection molding machine:

1. The door is width adaptive for the first time when power on;

2.Multi-stage control, smooth and stable operation;

3.High safety with anti-collision protection;

4.Digital communication with HMI, convenient debugging.

According to customer demand, Techmation science and technology has launched two system solutions. The complete set of door crane system includes driver, motor, driving wheel + slave wheel, belt + belt clip, and half set of communication wire system, including driver, motor and communication wire.

Whether the injection molding machine is equipped with Techmation control system or not, Techmation electric safety door system can be configured


Not Techmation control system

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